Glasgow Airport falls further behind Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh airport recorded impressive growth of 4.4 per cent last month with just over 800,000 customers whilst Glasgow managed 550,000 passengers up just 0.4 per cent.

Edinburgh’s surge came mostly from a leap in International traffic, with the new routes introduced by Easyjet to several European destinations and new flights from Rynair. On the domestic front the Little Red service to Heathrow under the Virgin banner also helped.

Up until 2005 Glasgow airport was the number one airport in Scotland but has struggled more than its closest rival during the economic downturn and is still operating well below 2007 annual figures.

2007 8,795,653

2008 8,178,891

2009 7,225,021

2010 6,548

2011 6,880,217

2012 7,157,859

BAA have spurned keeping Edinburgh airport in favour of Glasgow and despite the dramatic reductions seen they must be confident that the airport has greater scope and are embarking on a refurbishment programme to attract new airlines and woe customers.

The Commonwealth games are seen as a prime opportunity to promote the airport and the city and it will be interesting over the next 5 years to see if Glasgow can narrow the gap and indeed regain its premier position.


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