Why Most Flyers Drive to Glasgow Airport

Glasgow airport serves all of Scotland and a good proportion of Northern England from Carlisle in the West down to Newcastle in the East. As a consequence, if you propose to travel to Edinburgh by rail or coach you will probably have to take a taxi to get to the station and then have to take two or more connections.

Lugging cases across bus or rail stations especially with a family in toe can be quite a stressful and physically demanding chore with the ever present fear that a delay will result in a missed connection.

Conversely, using the car takes away all the problems of making connections with the car only having to be loaded and unloaded once doing away with the physical effort of carrying luggage onto and off trains and buses.

Moreover, by using the car the journey is less dependent on third parties and a leisurely drive can be undertaken with planned stop off for meals etc. Also from a cost point of view, the cost of taking one person by car is the same as taking four with fuel and car parking prices fixed. Clearly, the same cannot be said for using a bus or train where all the family will be charged both ways.

To keep costs down it is always cheaper to book Glasgow airport car parking in advance and if you use one of the many off airport car parks the price is even better. Conversely, if a really long journey is required an Airport hotel with Parking should be considered.

In a nutshell driving to the airport is far more convenient, less physically demanding and in most cases cheaper.

Distances in Miles from Glasgow Airport

Edinburgh – 41

Perth – 48

Dundee – 64

St Andrews – 65

Fort William – 74

Inverness – 111

Newcastle – 121

Aberdeen – 121

Durham – 130

Sunderland -131

Middlesbrough – 149

Blackpool – 150

Liverpool – 177





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